Excel particular column

i need to extract a paticular column in a excel where in that column i need to fetch particular value like if column contains

i need to get particular jasmine alone how can put conditions?any suggestions?


Use below code in try catch and catch invalid operation exception

Dt =dt.select(ā€œcolumnname= ā€˜jasmineā€™ā€).copytodatatable

Dt = dt.totable.defaultview(false,ā€œcolumnnameā€) (just check dt.totable or dt.table):slight_smile:

Column dose not contain jasmin

Let me know if i can assist you further.


can u please explain bit moreā€¦on this or share xml?


Use assign stage like below

dt = dt.select(ā€œyourcolumnname=ā€˜jasmineā€™ā€).copytodatatable

This will return exception if there is no record (cell in this case) in column.

So if above equation is successful then
dt = dt.totable.defalutview(false, ā€œyourcolumnNameā€)

Above equation will return datatable with single column

This is your answer :slight_smile:

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@priyankavivek Here you go ExcelCondition.zip (24.8 KB)

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Have you tried lookup Range which will provide you with the found cell. Pass it to Read Column and take it from there.

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iwasnt able to open them

@priyankavivek What error you are getting

loads on restoring dependent

@priyankavivek Which version of uipath you are using


@priyankavivek Try this

  1. Create one project and in the created project delete xaml file.
  2. Copy xaml and excel file from the downloaded folder and paste it into the newly created project folder.
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