Excel Package version

I have the robots installed in a multi-dimension server.

If I log into the server with my user name I see the version of the packages correct (green), but if I log in on any of the robot IDs (I have 4) then the version of the packages appear as error and it is not possible to update it to the same version I see in my user name.

Any ideas on why I can’t see the updated version?


Check the “Settings” option in the manage package window, compare it with the server, check all the sources are enabled and check again.

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please note that the installed package only install on user profile folder.

you can copy the installed package to an other user profile folder by manual.but please carefully about dependencies.

Opening Studio as Administrator it allowed me to see the updated versions.

I seem to have the same settings:

But the packages show error

From 4 robots we have in the high density server only worked in one. Opening as administrator is not working in the others.

I’ve restarted the server with no luck either