Excel opertaion



i wanted result in same sheet as…

abc 3 40 10
xyz 5 60 11
Krishna 5 40 7
pqr 3 40 11
Shruti 5 56 11
DEF 5 40 11

Thank you


hi, @shruti
Use read range Activity to read your excel file…
And proceed row by row and store in the temporary sheet for checking the following condition,

if the above condition are satisfied u may proceed, Otherwise use Write Cell Activity to re-write the new data in the NewExcelSheet

After Reading all row in the OldExcelSheet,
Use Read Range Activity to read the newExcelSheet the data will comes in DataTable Then Use Append Range Activity to Append in the Same Excel Sheet


Hi, @shruti

I hope this will helpful to you…
I am using sample excel file like your’s and refer the below files…
Book2.xlsx (9.0 KB)
Main.xaml (15.7 KB)