Excel operations on statements

hello guys,
i have one excel name is stmt.xlsx there i found one statement so i want to use this excel as an input and performing some operation with it and i want an excel output like Output.xlsx file.
operation are like:
1.stmt.xlsx contains gap after date change want to remove that gap and print Date(dd/mm/yyyy)from stmt.xlsx in Transactiondate which is in Output.xlsx
2.stmt.xlsx(“Description”) in Output.xlsx(“LocationN”)
3.stmt.xlsx(“Credit+debit”)have to combine and put Output.xlsx(“InstrumentAmount”)
4.according to it allow flag c for credit and d for debit
5.Output.xlsx(“Cheque No”) coming from stmt.xlsx(“Description”) which is present inbetween to words(REN YLY 0313478930 GUBBANNA) where we remove 0 and take only 313478930.
i attach here my input file(stmt.xlsx) and output i want(Output.xlsx) here pls check i need this output.stmt.xlsx (43.3 KB)
Output.xlsx (8.5 KB)stmt.xlsx (43.4 KB)

pls give me some solution for same

The issue is difficult to understand. Have you attempted this and have encountered an issue?

  1. There is no gap in either date:
    stmt = “12/04/2019”
    Output = “04/12/2019”

What is the issue? Do you want to know how to change the date from (mm/dd/yyyy) to (dd/mm/yyyy)?

  1. You want to know how to copy the data in stmt>“Description” to Output>“LocationN”?

  2. You want to know how to concatenate stmt>“Credit” and stmt>“Debit” or Sum the data? Then copy this to Output>“InstrumentAmount”?

  3. Create a column in the output file which marks a datarow as “c” or “d” depending on the amount?

  4. Extract numbers from stmt>“Cheque No” and copy to “ChequeNo”?

Can you share your solution so far?

no actually there is one line gap after date change there is one empty row in stmt.xlsx so i want to delete tht row and above part of stmt and want continue date from stmt.like 12/4/2019 and just below 11/4/2019 without empty row.

so when you copy across your rows you should consider using an IF condition.

IF row = nothing THEN ignore ELSE AddDataRow to new table

do u have any workflow related.

You can use this. It uses an an VB.Net expression instead to remove empty rows.

Main.xaml (5.9 KB)

Have you attempted to build a solution yourself which you can share?

ya i use this,thanks