Excel Operations in Citrix Environment

I’m trying to perform operation with an excel file present in a Citrix environment. (As Shawn in the screenshot below)
The difference operation to be performed below can be done only if one of the element CashIn or CashOut is not nul. Otherwise I need to jump to the next row and do the computation.
The problem is that I’m unable to perform a dynamic selector in order to perform a control in order to jump to the next row in case of null values.
Since I’m performing a loop to compute the difference
Could they be a way to perform my control? The system does not allow me to scrape the table to use other method. Could someone help me?
Thanks in advance

Check if there is an idx tag or something iterable in the selector. If so, you can increment that part to create a dynamic selector for iterating over the data. Unfortunately, there is no way to scrape the data as a datatable in the citrix environment outside of this method.

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It’s impossible to make a dynamic selector since I perform the click using a Computer Vision Activity. The index tag is fixed and is referred to a rettangle.
I’m blocked, could someone please help me?

This isn’t a direct solution to the problem, but if there is a way to get the Excel document to the machine on which the bot is working, it will be much easier to read. I recommend exploring options for having the bot use Citrix to send the file to an SFTP server or email if the data is safe to send that way.

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