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Hi, I have a simple query. I have never used the Macros and all, So can you please tell me for special filter operation with excel and using the Formulas. Do we need to use Macros or Vlookup is sufficient? Please suggest. Can we achieve the goal to use other Excel related activity except for Macros or any please suggest?
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Fine if we need to apply formulae VLOOKUP is enough rather to MACROS
If we want to create any bar chart or chat diagram we can use MACROS


Yes of course, we can create using MACROS in excel option
its like how we record the navigations in the excel with this macro option

Hope these steps could help you resolve this
–here in UiPath we got an option called INVOKE VBA, activity
–once the macro is recorded and obtained as a vb script, copy that and paste in a text file (.txt)

–once after performing creation of chart, click on the record stop button so that macro will be created (that pause button will be there only when we click on record macro)

–now go to same drop down option inthe macros and click on view macro and click edit and copy that vb code and paste it in a text file (.txt)
–mention that .txt file path as input to this INVOKE VBA activity along the property code file path
–mention the method name of the vba code in the property entry method name in string type (“Main”) or (“Macro1”)
–if any parameter are to be passed to the code then mention that in the enter method parameters in list type
–Then make sure that this invoke vba is kept inside a excel application scope activity and pass the file path as input to that activity

For more details and a example on the INVOKE VBA activity

EDIT: this could help as a component

Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
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Oh Thanks @Palaniyappan that’s what I want to know.
Bro I am not good in Macros programming, So can you tell me where I can use this feature, Like to use Vlookup and Macros.Does it require any programming in Macros? Please suggest.
@Palaniyappan I don’t know VB scripting language. So is there any option to achieve the goal.
I want to use the Filtration and Use the Formula. Please suggest me.


We don’t need to code or write anything in programming @balkishan. It is just a recording in excel which will develop code in the backgroud for all the things we do in the front end. Further if you want to do that as dynamic, or any other changes , then we need to modify that accordingly.By the way, we need VB scripting to do anything in macros and if we code anything in INVOKE CODE activity that is VBA. So, both are different with slight changes in the things.

Coming to VLookup, we don’t need to know VB scripting or any , it is a feature in excel which will will help you in getting corresponding data from any other sheet or even a other excel file when a particular data matches.

Coming to answer : I will give you a brief about the usage of both Macros and Vlookup

  1. If your column numbers and rows are constant, record a macro and save it in a folder. Then in the UiPath studio, inside excel application scope, use Invoke VBA activity to run the macro in that particular excel file

  2. Or define a VLookup with the required range and parameters. Then assign it to a new variable of type string , then use it in a write cell activity to get a single value and then use auto fill range to get values for entire column :slight_smile:

Hope this is clear.


Thanks a lot bro for your valuable information sure will try an implement these thing. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


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can you please tell me one more @Palaniyappan @HareeshMR Using Vlookup do we perform on csv or we need to convert into xlsx format.

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We can implement in both the files . No need to convert @balkishan

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Okay bro, Thanks. I think we need to convert into .xlsx format

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