Excel operation on dynamic sheet name

I dowload 6 xlsx files each one having “CurrentAlarms*” type file names. Each having 1 sheet as “CurrentAlarms*”. Now i would like to perform delete rows, merge, lookup activities and generate a single xlsx file as outcome. Teied several ways but not working. Please suggest and help.

This might help.

Hi @Md_Saiful_Khaleque ,

Could you let us know what was not working ? What are the methods tried ? And what is your Expected Output ? If you could provide us Sample data and it’s Expected output in the form of excel files, we could help provide a Suggestion/solution better.

I succeed at last, Solved brother…I am stuck in another issue now…posting that soon. Pls help!

@Md_Saiful_Khaleque ,

Great. You could post the Solution that you have used and mark it as the Solution and Close This Topic. This would help others who are also having similar issues.

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I actually succeed in workbook get sheet name issue…but still strggling with the merging in right order and then lookup. Hence, I am waiting for the right time to share solution. Thanks for your concern dear.