Excel operation-Need to calculate number of tickets processed in a given month

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Can some one help me how to handle this scenario.
i have two columns in excel.one is “date” and another is “Assigned ticket”.I need to calculate in a given month how many tickets are assigned.say suppose if i want to pull may month tickets,we should filter only may month data then count assigned ticket numbers(excel will contain whole year data but i need only specified month).
Pls refer attachment for sample datasample data.xlsx (232.3 KB)

Check this workflow, @kannappa.k
Forum_Test_2.xaml (6.1 KB)
Hope this may help you :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for your quick response Manish…it solved my half problem.My requirement is for all “May” month, i have to perform sum on “Assigned ticket” count column.Looks like ur query getting me all the rows for “May” month.I need to perform sum for the Assigned ticket count.

Ex: for may month if the “Asignedticket” column values are like 0,1,3,0.my requirement is to pick count as 4.Could you please help me?

My apologies for trouble with ur long query iam finding difficulty to understand and perform this addition action.Your guidelines or solutions are much appreciated.Thanks in advance.

@kannappa.k Can you Check this Workflow :
FilterByDateAndCount.zip (152.6 KB)

The Reason I’m using the First Assign Statement is to Filter out Empty rows. There is an empty row in your Excel File at row 12058 row position i guess. If you think there will be Empty rows Present in the Excel File, then you’ll have to use the First Assign Statement or else it can be Deleted.

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Thanks a lot @supermanPunch for your quick solution…It worked.You guys are life savers.
Thanks @Manish540 for your time as well

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