Excel OLEDB connection

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This is regarding using large excel\CSV files as a Database so as to trigger queries faster and hence get the results without Uipath Robot crashing issue.

So we have very large (excel or csv) files (2 files) (10GB) with 50+ columns and 10,00,000+ rows. Lets say (Excel or csv ) file A and (Excel or CSV )file B.

So I need to trigger few queries and get result in Datatables.

Traditionally, I was using read range and then for each rows activities but since the data was too large, the robot was crashing.

Later, I removed for each rows loops and tried using LINQ queries, there was a positive change but still extremely large files cannot be handled/

Later, I tried using few thousands of chunks as a data input but output was incorrect as the comparisons were wrong.

Now, I learnt from somewhere that using excel as a database and firing the queries will be great approach so I think this is what I shall be doing for accurate results.

Lets say I have two large files in hands (LargeFileA and LargeFileB). Now I need to have these as a database and perform operations over them to achieve the output.

I need to use Excel OLEDB connection so as to achieve the above mentioned action item.

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Is it possible for you to use a SQL database instead? Importing the data into a SQL database is simple and you can use the Uipath.Database.Activities packe to then connect to the database and perform queries very quickly and efficiently. Excel tends to not be too great at dealing with large datasets and SQL on the other hand is pretty much designed to deal with this scenario.


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