Excel not Found Selector Not found

i have one excel sheet if i tried to open it in my uipath giving me error like rename deleted or selector not found.if i rename the sheet it working fine,here send u my program pls check and let me know if u have any idea related issue

try_Xyz.xaml (94.9 KB)
SAP ZXY Report_(Yesterdays Date).xlsx (1.1 MB)

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@suraj23 for second error please check the excel name and path once again.

@Manjuts90 I checked excel name its correct, (Go to excel Property -> Security -> Copy Object Name it gives file path with extension, so no chance to get a wrong path)

@suraj23 Try using argument in 3 quotation mark like-
“”“C:\Users\sdhoot\Desktop\Demo\SAP ZXY Report_(Yesterdays Date)”""

or refer below

@shubham ya its working on my machine but not on other machines, Please check Image

hi @suraj23

Im sorry for my question but, do you need to open the excel window right? Because if you dont, you should use excel or wb activities for read and write a file, you dont need to open it.

Thank you

@suraj23 did you tried to indicate element for Open application on other machine once and then executed?

@Pablo_Sanchez I need to open excel file because i have to perform pivot operation using recording sequence
so excel file must be in open state

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@suraj23 maybe if you cant make the excel open, I think that you can automate to put the path into a browser and then double click it, making it open.

Also gonna try to open one of my excel files, if im able to do it i will answer you



something like this worked for me:

PD: see how the .xlsx is in the folder, so i can write short path in “Arguments”


The problem is in the name of the Excel, dont know why yet, but with your .xaml and you excel file called “SAP ZXY Report_(Yesterdays Date).xlsx” I could’t open it.

But, I renamed the xlsx to: “LOL.xlsx” and then it opened successfuly, so the problem is there.

Rename the .xlsx if you cant solve the problem with the previous name.

Open Excel.zip (1,0 MB)

If you just need to open the file in Excel and have it be visible, then you can also consider using the Excel Application Scope activity. As long as the Visible property is enabled, it will open the Excel workbook and have it be visible. The Excel file will close once the Excel Application Scope ends, so you just have to put your Click activities and other pivot operations inside the Excel Application Scope. Hope that helps!

Renaming it is not the solution.

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Im sorry, but Uipath is searching for SAP file, then for ZXY file, then for report_…

Dont know why, but with blank spaces, the arguments in open app doesnt work great.

PD: Also tried to put them into brackets or other chars but didnt work