Excel Not Closing if included in Invoke Workflow


I have multiple workflow files that comprise a daily job.

The last of the bunch iterates through an excel file using “for each row”.

If I run the last workflow file independently, the Excel application will close on its own.

If I run it in a master document in an invoke workflow activity, the spreadsheet itself closes, but MS Excel stays open.

Any suggestions on how to get it to close when running in sequence with others using an invoke workflow activity?



You can try with close Workbook activity to close it after performing any set of data manipulation


Try using a kill process after that.

Also check if keep excel file option is checked

Hi @Brett_Johnson

This open MS excel may cause error in the future so please use a Kill process there and close the excel operation after completing the process in that excel file

Like kill the process first and delay of 3 seconds after


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