Excel need to update heading according to the extracted output date

Hello Team,

I have an output example 05/05/2022,06/05/2022,07/05/2022 theses dates extracted those data need to print date wise below by below with next dates and data as per the attached template.

how to design the flow. can anyone suggest.

Testing.xlsx (9.5 KB)

Hello @chaitanyaKumar, You can use Lookup range to find the position of input date
For example Lookup of 05/05/2022 you can get A3
Seperate the value using regex “A” “3”
LookupText=System.text.regularexpression.regex.Match(LookupVariable, “\D+”).tostring , to get “A”
lookupNum=System.text.regularexpression.regex.Match(LookupVariable, “\d+”).toString, to get “3”

Write cell, Cell value = cell position+cint(LookupNum+2)
for Example need to write on Remarks cell value = L+(cint(LookupNum+2)
increment the number as per iteration

Hello Gokul,

Here I attach the sample data, can you please try the flow of it.

according to bank received date the header need to fill as per Output Template. according to header date the data need to be placed from the extracted Input SHEET.

Extracted Input.xlsx (27.5 KB)
Output_Template.xlsx (10.1 KB)

Hello Community,

can anyone guide/design the flow for the above requirement.


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