Excel Name Conflict Popup

I am trying open excel File in uipath using Open application scope, But I an unable to proceed further.I have getting name conflict popup.I have shared snapshot for reference. Please help me for same.


Can you please give a few more details so that we could recreate this error?
Like when is this error exactly opening? Is UiPath throwing an Exception? if yes then of what type?

This popup window Occurred when bot try to open excel file using excel application scope.
When bot execute excel application scope it stuck at that activity only or does not proceed forward and does not throw any error.

@sadhanaw try using parallel activity it works fine. you need to use start application and provide excel path in it and simultaneously use citrix to click popup image and type it that “name conflict” popup then Hit ok. Then use excel appln scope to do what you want in that excel.
Please find attached test xaml file for reference.
If your doubt is solved then close this thread, feel free to ask your query.

test.xaml (16.8 KB)

@vighneshgadekar thanks ,Problem is resolved by using Parallel activity

@sadhanaw That sounds great… If your issue is solved then close this thread.

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