Excel merge different sheet names

I have a automation that im combine two excel workbooks into one sheet. Each workbook only has one sheet. The sheets both have different names. Is there a way to add a wild card into the read range activity for the sheet name box? The read range activity is asking for a specific sheet name but the sheet names in both my workbooks are different. Is there a way i can merge the two sheets with my current workflow without having a specific sheet name

Use an activity to get the sheet name first and assign to variable. Then use the variable.

Which activity?

@NATHAN_MORA you can use the ‘get sheets’ activity which will return an array/list/enumerable (can’t remember which) of strings. I’ll call this variable Sheets. Then since you want the first/only sheet, you can supply Sheets(0) instead of a specific sheet name. Doing it this way will always get the first sheet in the workbook, regardless of the name. I commonly use this method when the sheet naming is erratic or unknown

BalaReva Excel Activities have a bunch of handy stuff. Use Get Sheets name

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Does that activity have to be used in the excel scope application ?

BalaReva activites do not need the excel scope-it is awesome

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Here the activity to merge the sheets from different files.