Excel Merge data

I’m still having some trouble with the excel workbooks.

  1. I have three excel sheets i need to consolidate. The three files have all the same attributes they just need to be one file instead of three files.

  2. I only need the information from columns A-I and L-M leaving out J-K

3.The excel files only contain 1 sheet in each file and that sheet name will always be something different then sheet one or sheet two. Most times I wont know what that sheet name is but there is only one sheet in the excel file(one workbook).

For each excel file I followed the following steps

  1. Excel Application Scope
  2. Get workbook Sheet Giving the index a value of zero this way its just takes the data from the sheet without having the sheet name.
    3.Read range A-I and L-M(leaving out J-K don’t need this information)
    4.Excel Application Scope with 2 write range activities for A-1 and L-M, This makes a excel file with only the information i need disregarding columns J-K

I did the above solution’s for all three excel files(which i think is overkill) now that i have three files with the information i need and the information i don’t i need, I now need to consolidate these three files into one file.

If Somebody could write Uipath Example that would be great. I have spent hours on this and I know I’m close I just need to consolidate three excel files that all have the same headers and columns but have different Workbook names. Thanks for the help


I have a tutorial for you, which shows you how you merge three excel sheets and delete afterwards some columns.

Tutorial Merge multiple Data Tables/ Remove Columns

I hope it is helpful!


Thank you this worked perfectly, this shortened up original process by 5 steps.

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