Excel matching data from another excel file

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In an excel file one of the column contains 3W and 4W I need to add the present for each 3W and 4W and I need to compare the value from another excel file like if the amount for 3W is 120000. In another sheet there columns “volume slab from " and volume slab to” here I need to find the range in between the value appears. How to do this??

could you share an example excel file?

at first glance I would tell you that through linqs you can get what you need, but need more information

can you share the input and expected output


Grid-Master.xlsx (3.1 MB)
Insurance_Data.xlsx (11.8 KB)
In excel file Insurance Data column “Segment Class” contains the same in Other excel file in column “POLICY TYPE” matches then within Insurance Data excel column “Vehicle type” 4W has an amount in Net premium so need to add and in which range the amount appears in another excel file then pick the “COMMISSION PERCENTAGE on OD”, “COMMISSION PERCENTAGE on TP” and “COMMISSION PERCENTAGE on NET” data and write in Insurance Data file in OD%, TP% and Net% column

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Can you try this Xaml…for your process hope it may help for you

Xaml : - Excel matching data from another excel file.zip (2.4 KB)

let me know its working or not



Thank you bro,
It’s working perfect…)

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Cheers :slight_smile:

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