Excel Mapping Solution approach can be replaced by Document understanding?

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Book2.xlsx (9.4 KB)

I have attached one excel file. Where I am using Excel mapping.
for example : with reference to excel attached

case 1 : if agency is Abaca then in order file , order value will be taken from C5 column. In this case order value will be “jkskd”

case 2 : if agency is Basava then in order file , order value will be taken from H4 cell .In this case order value will be “hsgg”. Here we are finding first cell value for “def” and then we are using offset values mentioned in excel mapping.

We have 1000 agencies. Can this be possible through Document Understanding.
We have already built in excel mapping for all agencies and it is getting modified.

If I can get any pro advice for best solution approach.



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To read the excel file why do you need document understanding?

Is there some other requirement as well?


Hi Anil,

Template is same and unique for each agency. There are 1000 agencies and we have to use excel mapping. There are pdfs also and we are converting into excel. Just I was curious if we can take leverage of DU.



Please leverage the steps given in another thread …


Yes . I am on it. Thanks for your reply. Will update that in thread. But can we train excels also in DU.


No Excel cannot be trained as du model…


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