Excel Manipulation

There is a column of user name, date, timefrom, timeto in excel sheet where i have 3 ids to be assigned for Web Ex meeting. id 1,2 and 3 when fresh request came robo will assign consequently id 1,2 and 3 but when 4th request some then Robo need to check first date if date is smiliar then check time. time shud be after the previous one then robo will assign same ids for the day other wise robo will assign id2 for web ex. Problem is there are 5 request come .
Username Date TimeFrom TimeTo Status Idsname
Anand 07/28/2017 6 PM 8 PM Booked ID1
Satya 07/29/2017 4PM 5 PM Booked ID2
Venkat 07/30/2017 5pm 7PM Booked ID3
Alex 07/28/2017 8pm 9pm
John 08/03/2017 6PM 8PM

Above scenario i have, i want robo will check Alex Date and compare with Anand date if equal then check time availability then assign ID1 other wise assign ID2 similarly i want to check New request date and availability of IDs basis of date and time.