Excel Manipulation of row and column

I have an excel sheet, from where i have to read column D and find which row contains a particular keyword,“Shilpa” and find the value of column C of that particular row .

Can any one suggest an idea


give a try to setup the flow as following:

  • Excel ApplicationScope
    • read range acitvity
  • filter datatable acitvity - filter on D contains Shilpa
    get value from the filter result
  • as an alternate to Filter Datatatable - use a Lookup datatable activity
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Hi @Shilapshree_Mohanty

check as below

hope this helps you


Sorry its a csv file
Can you let me know the approach


Use Read CSV activity->Output to a datatable

Remaining process is same

Hope this helps you


i tried and got the values of filter data table but how do i store all values in a array or string and use it one-by-one?

The output of filter datatable activity is datatable

It contains the row which had keyword “Shilpa”

If it contains one row then use the followingto retrive the Column C value



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I tried to use filter data table and got the output of required numbers , now, how can i store them into a variable and fetch values 1 by 1?

@Shilapshree_Mohanty Can you please explain your requirement in a bit more detail, You can provide us with the below details, so that we could suggest a better approach or a solution.

  1. Sample Input Data
  2. Operation to be performed
  3. Expected Output