Excel Macro - Set it up for downloaded file

Hi all,

I have a bot that downloads an Excel file, work with it and then have to delete it. The downloaded file can be updated online, but the bot works only with the downloaded version. After download, I want to implement a Macro that have to delete some columns.
Can’t find the way to implement the macro to an Excel that is downloaded multiple times(Excel file name is the same, just the content in it can be updated).
Anyone having any advice’s or solutions?

Many thanks.

Your macro will work in all excel file …
What problem u are facing?

@ImPratham45 sorry for my late reply. The bot will download the file, have to apply the macro and at the end will delete the file? So how can the macro be applied when the file will be downloaded again?


Invoke VBA will be used in Excel Application scope only so evry time when u download that file Read it in excel application scope and in tat use macro code i.e. invoke vba