Excel macro automation

Hi all,

Problem statement: Working on a excel macro file which of 24 MB, while confirming the activities like read range and write range it is consuming lot of execution time. And while opening and saving also it is consuming lot of time because of file not responding in between of the process.

Maybe not sure if the activities is hunting to do its task by continuously accessing the excel file that’s the reason I guess the file is not responding in between.

Is there any solution for this problem by giving delay somewhere in between or any other solution?

It is observed the execution time for same code:
smaller file is less then a minute and for this 24MB file is 4 to 6 minutes. If I get red of excel not responding I can save 2-3 minutes.

Alex Roshan

@alexroshan.a You can use Parallel activity to save your time.
First branch will execute macro and another one will watch for any not responding screen