Excel loses its format

I am trying to unzip a folder which consists of Excel files in .xls format. And then save all the excel files as .xlsx format. The xlsx file is losing all the format. Can anyone help me regarding this.

when done manually does the same issue occur? xls to xlsx should be backwards compatible.

this may be useful

“Some cells or styles in this workbook contain formatting that is not supported by the selected file format. These formats will be converted to the closest format available.”

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Hell @prabhu29,

Kindly read the .xls file with ‘Excel Application Scope’ read range and write with ‘Excel Application Scope’ write range. So you can’t lose the format of excel file.

‘Excel Application Scope’ activity done all the excel operations as well.

Michael Udhaya

If done manually, the excel retains all the format

What method are you using to save the files as xlsx via UiPath?

Invoke Code?
Simply changing the file extension?
Opening and saving the files?