Excel loop with difference sheet

this is what I want as my result but each word in the different sheet but it should stop once the first sentence is over and for the second sentence it should start on the same first page but in the second row. I have almost done I am attaching my workflow but one error I am facing is that it opens number sheets according to a number of words. How could IExcelDyanamicWriting.xaml (13.3 KB) achieve this

Hi @soumi_soumiya

Use read range and then set the range as empty
Use for each row in datatable
Use add to dictionary activity and pass the key value pairs

And based on that you can extract the values


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Hi @soumi_soumiya

Change the dynamic sheet name and add a constant sheet name like “Sheet1” this will prevent from creating multiple sheets


Do you want to get the output from the
Sheet 1 - First row , Sheet 2 - First row , Sheet 3 - First row then again
Sheet 1 - 2nd row , Sheet 2 - 2nd row , Sheet 3 - 2nd row

Is it ?