Excel lookup range activity with value contains [******* ] How to avoid multiple matches?

Hi, guys.
I’m using lookup range activity to find out if a value contains[******* ] exists in Excel.
As a result of verification using this Activity, although only one cell was actually matched, multiple similar values ​​were matched.

it seems like some of [******* ] was recognized as wildcard. when I run this, it only returned the first found result.
how can I resolve this by avoiding recognize [*******] as a wildcard.

Search target:

  • cell B157’s value = [******* ABCDEFGHIK]

Now in the Excel there are three matched values as follows:

  • cell B157’s value = [ 5100020301 ABCDEFGHIK]
  • cell B158’s value = [****** ABCDEFGHIK]
  • cell B159’s value = [******* ABCDEFGHIK]

:arrow_right: how can I get the only cell matched result [******* ABCDEFGHIK] (cell B157’s value )?

※The result of manual search and the result of robot execution were the same.

Search range in Excel like this:



Can you try to escape * using ~ like ~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ?


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Yoichiさん、Thank you very much every time!
I solved this issue with ~*! :bowing_woman:

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