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Hi, I want to find where “Timing Point Code” is. This is for row A. I have an excel, at the moment it is in row 9 but this may change so I would like a way to find it.


@Karan_Chauhan ,

If you what to know the Cell address of the word you are looking for, you can use “LookUp Range” activity inside “Excel Application Scope”. Output result will give you the cell address.

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Hi @Karan_Chauhan ,

I am assuming you have only a row having any column value “Timing Point Code”
You can use below
yourDT.AsEnumerable.Where(Function(x) x(“Column”).ToString.Equals(“Timing Point Code”)).CopyToDataTable().Rows(0).ToString()

This will return an index of that row in datatable, you can modify returned index by +2 or +1 based on Excel (because column name takes first row).

Thank you that worked :slight_smile:

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