Excel lookup automation

Please help me out for below task please…
given excel has 2 sheets sheet 2 contains records and sheet 3 contains rules for rates

first we have to check age and year in record sheet2 and check in sheet3 in p1 table if age is 50 it belongs to 45-50 and check year in column if year is 3 then find its intercepting point rate 8.93 this rate multiply with p1 value in sheet 2 like
p1= 480025 * 8.93/1000=4287
same for p2 table p3 p4
calulated value p1+p2+p3+p4= append in last column of rajesh premium amount

now again process all for kiran record and calculate primium amountBL07-05-2020.xlsx (10.5 KB)