Excel logic problem

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Below is the screenshot of excel data, i want to find the cell value whose value is Selected,.


means i want cell value as 2,3, and 5 how to achieve it.

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Use Filter Datatable
ColumnName = “Selected”

For Index of the rows

Then use For Each row activity
Declare a variable for Index
Write a If ocndition as row(“Result”).Equals(“Selected”)
True->Print the Value Else skip

Hope this may help you



Hi @Rakesh_Tiwari

Please try this,

  1. Create a variable on variables panel

Variable name - lstIndex
Variable type - list

  1. Read your excel data in the datatable variable name dt.

  2. Use for each row activity and pass dt

  3. Use an if activity and in the condition give currentrowrow(“Result”).tostring.trim.tolower.equals(“selected”)

  4. Inside the if use add to collection activity and pass item as dt.rows.indexof(currentrow) and collection as lstIndex

At the end of the process you have a list with all the row indexes of selected result.



check my code, it doesn’t give me the desired o/p

i followed the direction suggested by @Srini84


Sorry, I missed the .ToString

Write as CurrentRow(“Result”).ToString.Equals(“Selected”)

Also, you can write as


Try this way and let us know


it is giving 0 and 1 value.

And add header option is checked, it should give 2,3 and 5.


As the index starts from 0 and you enabled the Add Header Option

So the first row will become the valid as 0

To make inline to excel then you have to add Indexvalue+2

Hope this may help you


ok, after adding indexValue+2, it gives only 2 cell value 2 and 3 what about 5?


Did you add the .ToLower and equals as (“selected”) in lowercase?

In the 5 you can see it is lower case so we need to give as above

If so provide me the screenshot what you have done


ok correct.

Also can you help me with another problem?

there is two sheet which is having below data

now i want to calculate total no of P and L+H in each row.

it should write the total no of p and L+H in second sheet(like total_p= 2 total-LH=1 for first row and for second row total_p= 1 and total-LH= 2)
TotalNoOfLeaves.xaml (14.0 KB)

You can also do it using lambda reference. It works quicker
indexes has type Int32


Using lambda

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You should assing total_p and total_lh before for each!

Hi @YoungFave ,

i have less knowledge in lambda function, so i don’t understand the expression.

And as you told that i should assign(total_p and total_lh) before for each so i have assigned before for each activity .

You can do:

For each row
If (CStr(row(1)) = “P” Or CStr(row(2)) = “P” Or CStr(row(3)) = “P”) Then Increment rows with P
If (CStr(row(1)) = “L” Or CStr(row(2)) = “L” Or CStr(row(3)) = “L”) AndAlso (CStr(row(1)) = “H” Or CStr(row(2)) = “H” Or CStr(row(3)) = “H”) Then Increment rows with L and H

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Hi, Thanks for your effort i used if condition suggested by you, but no luck.

Actually when i try to update the row column there i get error that the column itself not present, don’t know why.

I suppose, you read just 4 columns using Read Range.
You can specify range manually, e.g. “A1:E10”

Thanks for the reply,

i am reading first sheet which has below data

now after reading and calculating total no of p and total no of LH and writing in another sheet which has two extra column that is total_P and total_LH and i want to write in those columns.
pls check the below screenshot

i am using update row item to write data in that column, but not working.

Give me an actual xaml, I’ll try to help you