Excel Integration vs Workbook Columns Shifting

I’m trying to figure out why App/Excel/Append Range is behaving markedly different than System/File/Workbook/Append Range - but I’m coming up empty.

Building on the knowledge from my previous post, where I scraped an HTML table across multiple pages (one page at a time, using the page-by-page method as in the Yearly Report exercise) in the Acme work items system… I have gotten that bulk data set and filtered it down to a data table with only the records I need. Now I want to get those records into Excel. Using the Excel method works fine. Using the Workbook method works fine for the first page of data, but then each additional page that is appended gets an extra blank column preceding the data:

On the left is the Workbook method, on the right is the Excel method. I’m sure I could do fun things with dropping empty columns, but should I have to do that? Any idea what could be causing my data to shift?

Looping through the rows:

Writing the current page’s data table to an xlsx file using the direct and excel methods:

This is because when you datascrap the table from ACME system to dt_workitems you Scrap an empty column called Activity. Just ignore that you will get the right columns.

Thanks for the response - that would explain why there’s an empty column on the left of the data table… but when using the Workbook Append Range activity, why is the first page OK, but each subsequent page adds an extra empty column? as far as I can tell, the data on all pages is in the same columnar format - and the fact that the Excel Append Range activity works fine supports that.