Excel inputing data row by row


I have a system where I have to enter hundreds of FirstName and LastName. From the excel, how can I enter the names one by one?

Hi @qaz1,

First read the excel using Read range activity. It will be stored as data table.
Then using For each Row activity, each value can be accessed using Get Row Item.

Hope it helps!
Saranya K R

Thanks for the reply! I was kinda stuck there… I am not sure what to input in this fields…

Main.xaml (10.0 KB)
Here you go…

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If FirstName is your first column in the excel, in the ColumnIndex provide the value as 0. It is like an array which starts with 0.
First column in the data table - ColumnIndex is 0
Second column in the data table - ColumnIndex is 1 and so on.

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