Excel If function through UIPath

Hi everyone,
I’have tried to find a answer for my problem but without luck.

The problem:
I am iterating through an excel file and my goal is to use the “if” function in every column where a value is present.
My last attempt was as shown in the pictures:

Without the “=” this shown formula is being written into the cell as a string, but if “=” is added excel is deleting everything.

Thank you all in advance.


I was not able to add two picture so I will continue here.
First i assigned the expression shown above to a variable - IfFunction - please see in the picture below, and I am trying to write it for each column in cell “E”+ counter.tostring


Hi @D_A

What condition u need ?


thank you very much for responding.

If you are talking about the if function, it should look like this, for row 2:

cell E2=if(D2<0;0;C2-10)

Thank you.