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I am trying to use the read csv application to read 3 colums in an excel file.

ID Number Color
12345789 123456789 (1), 123456789 (2), 123456789 (3), 123456789 (4), Orange

I need for the activity to read the ID, Number and Color field…however the number field i need to remove the commas and only save the 9 numbers in front of the comma. Each and every time the file comes in, it will be different numbers in the number field. We are always capturing the ID and COLOR, but number is changing. Need to assign to a list with all 3 together. The parenthesis are there for example purposes.

ID, 123456789 (1), Orange
ID, 123456789 (2), Orange
ID, 123456789 (3), Orange
ID, 123456789 (4), Orange

Hitting a roadblock in getting this to work.

so, you need output as

Array(0) = ID1, 123456789, Orange
Array(1) = ID2, 123457890, Blue
Array(2) = ID3, 123456899, Yellow
Array(3) = ID4, 123456129, Orange

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can you tell us the exact output you need? May be in a similar way as @vikas_reddy_Vicky has shown? that will give an idea on what exactly you are looking for


example form.xls (25 KB)