Excel has empty rows that cannot all be processed

excel has blank rows can not be processed in all, I hope that in the form with a blank line spacing can also be processed to the last non-blank line

can you show how this excel looks like ? Please provide any example with dummy data.
It would be good if this data will be structured.

you have skip the empty lines in excel
Correct me if I am wrong


try this:

exComm1.zip (8.6 KB)

sorry,I use StudioX

Ach. StudioX is different.
And you’re right for excel I couldn’t do it. But for csv file is possible.
So I exported table to csv file with empty values and I used for each activity.
Please take a look:

Project file is here:
NewBlankTask2.zip (60.1 KB)
I hope it will be helpful for you.



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