Excel hanged and unable to close using click

Hi Team,

While doing automation based on multiple excel downloading and merging data a.

Exactly face issue while closing excel sometimes see excel opens in hang state as half white, So we are unable to close using click. Process get stopped because of this

Can you guys help and guide to close the excel in multiple files extraction automation. We need to close excels one by one not as kill.


Hello @Deepthi_Borra1

You can check the below video to understand how to merge multiple excels to a single excel. Hope you are doing automation using excel package.


I can be able to merge excels there is no problem.

But when i doing some actions in excels and while closing those opened excels at that time getting excel open errors as below hang state

I want to clear that error and close excel smoothly, because i my automation has some many records might occur again so has to close every excel without any issue.

Are you trying to close it manually?? As per my understanding if you are using multiple excels to merge it will auto close.


Yes but in background excels are opened. So, in that finding excels using element exist and closing excels.

We have to do automation after continuous to another input file, so we have clear background excels as well.

I hope in the activity itself there should be option to close instead of doing it by clicking on close button.


while doing with 500 excels automation, merging after that sometimes background excels is opening because of that next file automation is not working. So added this code.

Have you checked the close workbook activity?


tried but not worked, click worked compared to others but unable to handle this error