Excel Get Range Dynamic Rows and Copy to New Sheets

I have an Excel file that I’m looking to copy the values from one sheet to another based on the data between rows.

I started off by reading the Range of the Excel file and then creating a condition IF statement. But this is where I’m not entirely sure what would go next. My IF statement is: dt.Rows.ToString = “Header1”, Then Read Row. But I’m not sure how I would read the rows up until the next header labeled Header2.

I’ve attached a sample Excel document that shows what I’m trying to do.

Any guidance?

Thanks.sample.xlsx (9.4 KB)

Hi @jcurry500

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header.zip (15.9 KB)
here you go buddy @jcurry500
hope the below xaml that could help you
Kindly correct me if i have understood the query wrongly


Thanks! My first real time with UI Path. Let me take a look and see what this does and will update this message if I have questions. Thanks again!

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any issues with that buddy @jcurry500

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Hi! I’m following the logic but I’m not seeing where the rows would be copied to their respected sheets.

For instance: Header1 is in row 3 so the data from row 4 to row 7 would be copied to the Header1 sheet.

I don’t see in the IF sequence where it does that unless I’m not seeing it correctly?


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aaha, if that is the requirement
here you go buddy, its resolved
header_modified.zip (17.5 KB)
Hope this would help you
Cheers @jcurry500

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Excellent! You’ve been very helpful! Thank you.

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Fantastic buddy
Cheers @jcurry500
Keep going

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