Excel fromula "=rand()" doesn't work


I am trying to write the random formula (“=rand()”) in an Excel cell…fetching this formula from the config file.
The formula is correctly written into the cell, but it is not “activated”.

When i click into the cell and hit enter, it works. Can someone help:
Can i do this without having to activate the cell?
If not, what is the most convenient way to do so (also considering that one may have to activate many many cells)?

Best, Michael!


Try this @MW23,

Assign the formula to one variable and then place the variable in the write activities whichever you are using…

I am already doing this since I assign the in_argument (with the formula, which i get from the Config file) to a new variable “ExcelFormula”…then i use that in the write activity but it doesn’t work…

Can you post the screenshot how you are trying to write to the excel?

these are the screenshots (not necessarily in the order of execution).
the formula is written correctly in the Excel cells - only are they not “activated”. E.g. when i use " '=2+2 " as formula in the config file, it works fine.

img3 img1 img2

Please post the formula you are using @MW23,

I tried with all the possible activities now and everything works fine for me. It looks strange. This may be a silly thing, can you try giving the sheet name instead of excel?