Excel from Development to Production Machine

Hello friends,

I am using excel application scope for inserting some data and save it.
I inserted in my project some activities in order to change the format of some cells.
Passing from the Development Machine to the Production Machine it doesn’t recognize some selectors in Excel:

Why is it possible?
I think the versions of Excel are the same.
Thank you so much for your help,

Hi (and sorry I have not helped on your other issue)

I suspect for this one that the titles in the selector in one environment has “.xlsx” and the other has no extension. You will need to start replacing the extension with a wildcard “*”. Also use the wildcard over “Excel - " and/or " - Excel” next to the filename… In the end the selector should only have the “*filenamewithoutextension*” for the titles part of the selector
UiExplorer would also help identify the issue if needed.

EDITed in * next to filenamewithoutextension


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Thank you so much @ClaytonM for your kind help.
I’ll try in a short time your solution.
I didnt notice this difference.
If I can I per you know.

Hi @CamiCat,

In wnd tag title field value after 18-15* use like this and tray again


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Thank you @arivu96.
I’ll try and let you know.
Hope it solves the problem.:grinning:

It seems working correctly :slight_smile:
I make further test and tell you if it is the solution of the problem.
Thank you so much @ClaytonM.