Excel formula and format are not applied for 50003 rows and above

Hi all,

I have an activity to extract data and write to an excel file. The data is around 120K rows, however, excel always applies the format and formula for all rows up until 50002. From 50003 and after, there are no format, formula, or headers.

Any suggestion would be apprecated.

This thread has the answer

Maybe my info wasn’t clear enough. However, the data extracted from the database has headers already. This data was written to an excel file using excel scope and write range activites. However, the format and formula are applied to row 1-50002. The rest seems to be losing all. Data is there, just no format, headers, or formula.

Did yog try pasting the first 50,000 and then the next 50,000 via loop?

just to see if that’s the excel limitation or datatable

I used write range and loop to write 50K rows each time to the excel file. That works.