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Hi @BlackHawk33

Can u explain ur query well?

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Hello everyone,

I’m RPA starter and I’m working on the RPA in Finance. As you know we are mostly using excel for our business and we have got a lot of programs that are mostly use excels for our working. Changing the format and adding some fixed values that is defined at the beginning of the each project is taking too much time. Therefore, I would like to develop a RPA robot that will change the format of all excels and it will add the fix value that I calculated in a project. For example, I’m sharing Cash Leadsheet excel with you and I would like to apply this format like %80 zoom in, Calibri 10 for all cells and some others to the all of the rest Leadsheet like Revenue Leadsheet, Cost Leadsheet etc. in the folder. Imagine I’m changing my projects every 2 weeks and I have to update with this format like 100-150 leadsheet and same stuff for the each project. I would be appreciate if you give me some good starting points or good paths.
Thank you so much for everyone.

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HI @BlackHawk33,

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Here is an activity called “Change Cell Type” to change the excel format.

Thank you

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