Excel "Format Range" action not available in my StudioX activities

I am a new StudioX user… attempting to work my way through the tutorials. The second tutorial calls for me to Extract table data and add it to an Excel worksheet, then “format” the worksheet data. However, the action type “Format Range” is not available in my list. See screen shot.
I have tried to re-install the Excel Addon, but that does not seem to work.
Can someone assist?

Thanks, JayP

BTW: I did attempt to search for the Format Range… no search results appear.

Format Range is part of the Studio Preview activities. You will need to upgrade you UiPath.Excel.Activities package to the preview edition to get this feature.

Format cell

It appears that this issue I am having is related to the version of UI StudioX that I am using, which is a trial version. I think is may not be upgradeable to gain access to the “Format” activitiy.
Thanks for your inputs.

Hi @jay.pete,

Can you please check this.

Install package :

Usage :


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Hi - I have installed the additional activities based on your suggestion. Thanks for your help.

Change to my post… the solution provided did not work after all. I am missing the CellRange argument needed to support the activities.

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