Excel Format change

Ho to convert 0001 into 1 in excel? Suggest me any query?

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The problem you have is not solved by querys or power querys its a setting or import issue.
This might help? Its a tutorial how to add those 0’s but i gues reverse engineering it, would work fine.

And if this does not work for you, you can always buffer it out in UIPath.

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Hi @palanikumar
Can you elaborate this more? Thank you :slight_smile:

Actually I want in reverse format you shared. I have values in my excel in the format like “00003215” but i want this value like this “3215”

I know, but you can reverse engineer the tutorial. IF you know how to add the 0000 you know how to delete them :wink:

Hi @palanikumar.
Use this in Assign activity. Let’s say the variable name is strTrial
strTrial = CInt(strTrial).ToString

See reference here:

Let me know if this works.
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To change format in the excel you can use the activity called “ChangeCellType”. Here is the link.