Excel Format Cells Not Reflecting

I have formatted cells in a template excel file.
If I input data manually for the column, the format is reflecting.
But when using Append Range, the format does not reflect.

All negative numbers are written inside a closed parenthesis.

Please advise!


When doing append:
The format does not reflect. But when editing the values manually it reflects the format.

Hi @Michael_de_Borja,
If you are getting the data with use of Read Cell, Read Range or Read Column activity there is an option you could try:

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Hi @Pablito!

Thanks for the reply.
But for the data, I get it from a CSV using Read CSV then append it to an excel file with the column names and respective formatting in place. :frowning:

I think this might be helpful then:

Thanks Pablito, but this is exactly what I did. Creating a template file with all formatting in place, then writing the datatable into it. It works on other formatted columns but not just the custom one. :frowning: