Excel Format and Precision


I am getting a downloaded file, which is corrupt in xls version. Unfortunately I can’t save it as any version. The file has data in Sceintific format and looses precision(eg 000 are missing from the from the cell)

The Team performs manually by opening a new excel - CTRL+0
Browse select file open click on Yes
Import wizard delimit > next> tab and other option select Pipe (l) > next> select all table as text> finish.

How can I perform this in UiPath?
Note Read range looses precision in this case

Usually, we can do it using the modern Excel file activities to achieve this.

If you have sample file please share it.

I tried using Morden activities but the precision is not maintained. Unfortunately I can’t share the file with you due policy Restrictions.

The actual extension is CSV format?

No it is xls, but it can be read as an csv or text.

Hi @Ritwik_Srivastava ,

While reading the data using read range have use , preserve format option ??


Yes, did try that as well, but the data is not preserved when referred from Local panel

Can you tell me the extension of the file?

The extension is xls

The issues is Resolved.

Used Read csv and selected Tab as Delimiter, after that saved it to Datatable. From this Precision and format both are preserved. Note this is performed using the latest version CSV activity.

Then used a file that has Text as columns already reserved and performed write range.

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