Excel for Each Row Within Excel for Each Row

Hello all,

I am attempting to create an automation that will complete the following steps:

  1. Copy details from the current row of tab (1) and append the current row to tab (3).
  2. Filter tab (2) based on a value from the current row in tab(1)
  3. Copy all available rows from tab (2) and append to tab (3)
  4. repeat these steps for all available rows

The automation I created works, utilizing excel for each row then append then an excel for each row within the first and another append, but it is extremely slow when completing the first excel for each. Is there another way I can structure the project to help performance? or are there any other performance solutions I could look at? A single trigger may have upwards of 400 rows for tab (1) and the current process takes about 30 seconds per row.

because you have for each row inside another for each row you migh experience this low performance. basically for each row 1 you will cycle thru all rows 2 and so on, thats a lot of time.
can you structure your flow in a way that you don’t have two for each rows nested?

Unfortunately, I am trying to build Tab 3 based on information from tabs 1 & 2. This information has to be grouped together based on a similar field in both data sets. If there is a way to accomplish this without nested for each i would certainly be interested, but wasn’t certain if there is another way to accomplish this.

a fix is ready and will be available in next community release, 20.12

Fantastic! do you happen to have a link for the release notes? or could you tell me when this will be available? thank you!

you will be able to update to new packages next week.