Excel Filter for particular column

Dear Sir/ Ma’am,
Temp_MD.xlsx (5.9 MB)
In this file i want filter data for column AJ
i want only current year data form AJ column


Please read the data into datatable…then use filter datatable to filter on the required dates…if you want to filter only on year then either use contains and check for /2023


Use linq dt.AsEnumerable.where(function(x) Cdate(x("Document date").ToString).Year.Equals(Now.Year)).CopytoDatatable


Hi @badal_patel
Simply use Filter Datatable action in UiPath to filter data in datatable.

Reference Link:

Kaviyarasu N

Hi anil,

why are we using /2023 . what is the purpose of / here?


i used it to ensure it finds only from
The date…else if there is number with 2023 even that would be filtered.Hope this is clear


The linq query procided needs only a assign activity with the query provided on the right and the outdt on the left


Hi @badal_patel ,

User the Excel Filter Activity

And use the Read Range with Visible rows only.


TEMP_Excel.zip (2.3 MB)
I applied but its not working
Please check this & send sollution

@badal_patel Please find your updated workflow attached below,
TEM_Excel_Updated.zip (2.3 MB)

Hope this may help you :slight_smile:

Hi @badal_patel

Kindly try this expression-

outDt = InputDt.AsEnumerable.Where(Function(r)