EXCEL filter and delete related items

Hi ,can someone help me ,when I filter data from EXCEL table as snapshot ,if column “H” data>730,I need delete same row data in cloumn “C” as I marked in yellow,thanks

approach 1: with Vb expression
in the assign activity try the below and then write it to excel and see if it helps
inputDt= inputDt.AsEnumerable().ToList().ForEach(Sub(row) row(“Claim inv no”)= If(CInt(row(“Gap”) > 730,"",row(“Claim inv no”)))

Approach 2 : With for each row activity iterate over data table
and in the if condition check if Cint(row(“Gap”)) > 730
in then condition using an assign activity set row(“Claim inv”) = “”

Thanks for your fast feedback ,I will try it and update to you then.

Friend ,I just tried approach2 , and add “log message” activity to check the output,from output you can see the process already can located the right cell,but not clear the data,seems the assign activity row(“Claim inv”) = “” doesn’t work,the data still here.can you help me check again,thanks so much.

2021-4-1 星期四 下午 10-26-20

Hi @ting801215 ,

Can you check what is the data type of Gap column in Data Table??

strong text
I just upload the snapshot for you ,thanks

thanks for you give me the hint ,and I tried add lookup rang Activity to located the cell first ,and write to null value to the specific cell to get what I need,anyway thanks so much for all of you.

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