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I have two Excel files. The values of a column from one file I need to add to the value and column of another file. Can I do this without combining the two tables into one?

if not. I try to combine two tables with “Merge Data Table”, but for some reason the values from the second table are below. how i can fix it

you mean you want to add column C and G?
or add only column G to 1DT?

In the screenshot, I just showed two different tables for clarity. I need the values of the second table (2DT) to start right from the heading, and not below.

There need to be one common column for the datatables to merge in row order.
Column B and Column F have the same headers? Or the 1 at the last was added because of the merge?

Can I make this column common, but the values of table 1 are replaced by the values of table 2?

They wont be replaced actually.
If there is a common column in both the tables, then the merging happens according to that common column, I believe.

So your values from the second table should fit into the correct row.

Hi @Darya,
Can you please upload the workflow and I will check it? Thank you :slight_smile:

Main (2).xaml (6.7 KB)
Ostatki_na_sklade.xlsx (9.4 KB)
Portfel_zakazov.xlsx (10.1 KB)
расчеты.xlsx (11.4 KB)

By the way, is there a way in the Uipath to sum out the values from two different tables without connecting them?

Hi @Darya
I’ll suggest you to use Join Data Table instead of using Merge Data Table,
because you know, Join Data Table Combines rows from tables by using common values(of specified common column),

I’d done some changes in your workflow, and attached xaml file here:

Main (2) (1).xaml (7.0 KB)
I hope this will help you. :blush:


Yes, it’s help! Thank you :relaxed::relaxed:

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