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How Can we access the particular file despite the location where ever it is on the system,(For example I have one Excel file named Results) We need to give the exact path for the excel application scope to access that file but I need you guys help to access it where ever it is in the system

since reading the excel file require the full path to be passed in activity hence we required full path of excel.
if you don’t know the path you can find using the Directory.getFiles method by passing the drive and filter parameter with filename. This will give you Array and through which you can iterate and get the complete path as variable which you an use further

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For your case, you can power shell to fetch the required file path based on filename by seraching in entire systems

$filename = 'Root.jpg'#you can use wildcards here for name and for extension
$searchinfolder = '*'
Get-ChildItem -Path $searchinfolder -Filter $filename -Recurse | %{$_.FullName}

Here i am seraching for the file Root.jpg in the enitr system and it give me back the file path as result.
Using invoke powershell activity u can do this process around.

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It seems like a poorly designed process if a file is just ending up in unpredictable places on your computer. You should fix the process so you know where the file will be.