Excel File format Issue

Hi ,

I have an excel with different formats on different machines.
In one machine I have decimal points 2,30,863.67

same value on other machine is 230.863,67

While adding or subtracting I am getting issues ,so how to make it to standard format inside the code ,where it changes its format and make standard value like 2,30,863.67.
Note:It should not disturb the other bots ,it should only convert in inside this program while running .

Better did we try to change the format in that excel file itself
So that it will look same in all machines

Cheers @karthik_kulkarni1

Actually I cannot change because there are many other process which runs on that machines, if I change it will effect the other bots which are running fine.

Then it can be changed locally within the process once after it is read as a datatable, to the format we want
Did that help us

Can you tell me can we change it locally within the code,i don’t have idea.

Can someone help me on this.

Hi ,

Each country will have a different decimal formats . so You can use Regex to identify the Method. And Then use the Switch statement as per the format and Replace any “.” to “” and then “,” to “.” .

The challenge might occur when there is only one of comma or dot.

It is best to have a master data for each type.