Excel file filter save it new excel

I have one excel it’s consider 830 datas i need to filter that excel whatever the conditions i have and save it in new excel file
Example Rådata.xlsx (110.0 KB)

and then the condition is:

How can I filter these datas with that condition
Please help me on this topic

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Hello @siva_sankar,

Here is the official documentation on how you could use DataView.RowFilter to filter on two or more conditions.


I hope this helps.

Are you saying you want to remove rows that don’t meet those conditions?

In general, you need to Read Range the sheet into a datatable, filter/manipulate the data in the datatable, then write back to a new file.

Yes can you provide any workflows for that

These are very basic things. Have you taken the free UiPath training from their web site?

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Hi @siva_sankar,

Whatever solution you design, it should be quite robust. The data looks like it comes from a critical financial process. The data is from a Norwegian insurance company and contains details of delayed payment from customers. INKASSOVARSEL which means Collection Notice. These are sent out to customers, if they forgot or are not agreeing to pay the amount due.

The conditions you show are quite basic and easily achievable on such a small dataset.

If you do not try, you cannot learn. Show us what you have tried so far, dont just ask for completed solutions. It will not help you in the long tun.


Thank you I will try myself

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