Excel file adding values in empty columns

Hi Team,

Attaching you the input file.
PO_creation_WF.xlsx (13.4 KB)

in the input file 12110158704 this Record ID next to this 5 rows are empty i need to enter all the empty rows with same Record ID

Same for this Record ID also 12034748666 next rows are empty it should fill the Record ID value in the first Column. Reference Check the file attached below.
PO_creation_WF.xlsx (13.5 KB)

Below is the output file


You can fillup the empty rows by using below pattern. Replace yellow marked = by your column index or column name


I need to add all the rows not first column value where ever is empty i has to enter the all the data

Input file:
PO_creation_WF.xlsx (13.4 KB)

Output file:
The data already filled in the empty rows should not get changed the rows which are empty those rows has to fill with the data

PO_creation_WF.xlsx (14.3 KB)


Please compare input and output file

to extend the logic to other column fillings is possible and can be done in the same way as showcased within the starter help

Their are 15 to 20 rows same logic i need to add

is their any other way

you can modify the check and using the previous’ row itemArray when empty line / empty column value is detected as an alternate approach

Can you please elaborate

tmpItemArray | Object Array
Condition - check for complete empty rows :

row.ItemArray.All(Function (x) isNothing(x) OrElse String.IsNullOrEmpty(x.ToString.Trim))


Condition - check for particular column set:

arrColSet String Array = new String(){“Col1”,“ColX”,“ColY”…}

arrColSet.All(Function (x) isNothing(row(x)) OrElse String.IsNullOrEmpty(row(x).ToString.Trim))

it is not working it is not going to then part.

It is better to tell us what was done in detail and what exactly is not working

Ist Logic i tried
row.ItemArray.All(Function (x) isNothing(x) OrElse String.IsNullOrEmpty(x.ToString.Trim))

Input and Output are same nothing is changed

arrColSet String Array = new String(){“Col1”,“ColX”,“ColY”…}

This is didnt understand so i didnt tried

Can you please help me to get the solution


then better to get it understood

When in detail comparing your input (above yellow line) and expected output (below yelow line)

we can detect:

  • 1 or more columns can be used to detect, when a filling up is needed
  • not all columns are to fill up (blue boxes)
  • a filling up is detected, which is not covered from the description (red box)

From all above given help we introduced a few main building blocks which can be adapted from your side to finalize the case

  • arrFillUpColSet of these columns thats will be used for the filling up
  • fillup need detection (for the if condition)
  • fillup on empty rows OR grabbing the new fill up values dynamically by using the arrFillUpColSet

Thanks for explaining

What logic we can write for this